SUMMARY Doves Group Proprietary Limited (the “Applicant”) launched an application against Johan Daniel Etzart Rousseau (the “First Respondent”), and Funeral Industry Reformed Association (the “Second Respondent”)(collectively referred to as the “Respondents”), in order to interdict and prevent the Respondents from posting defamatory information on all social media platforms about the Applicant.  The First Respondent was
SUMMARY The First and Second Plaintiffs (“The Plaintiffs”) are respectively employed as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer, in a company duly registered and incorporated in terms of the company laws of the State of Delaware, USA named Reliance Inc (“FMLR”). FMLR is wholly owned by a Netherlands foundation, FML Asset Management (“FMLAM”).
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY Shane Symons and Johanna Symons (“the Plaintiffs”) are the trustees of the Symon Family Trust (“the Trust”), who sought to claim damages against the Rob Roy Investments CC t/a Assetsure (“the Defendant”), the Plaintiffs former financial adviser and investment broker. The Plaintiffs’ claim is based on the premise that the Trust, acting
SUMMARY This matter dealt with the question of prescription insofar as it relates to the Appellant’s claim for damages against the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs (the “Respondent”) for the loss suffered as a result of the Respondent’s alleged unlawful failure to maintain an irrigation canal. The failure, on the part of the Respondent,
  By Anja van Wijk, Senior Associate, and Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner Introduction This article deals with the 7 most common mistakes made in cancelling an occupant’s right to reside on the property.   Cancelling the Occupant’s right The Constitution[1] provides that no one may be evicted from their home without a court order authorizing the
SUMMARY Osborne (the appellant) brought an application in the Eastern Cape High Court for the sequestration of the Cockin Trust. Shaun Cockin had committed suicide and it had come to light that he had defrauded a number of businessman, including Osborne. Osborne alleged that the Cockin Trust was nothing more than an alter ego of