Article written by Avyakta Sing, Candidate Attorney, checked by Kirsten Chetty, Associate and released by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 05 July 2022 BACKGROUND Mr Rala-Rala (“the Respondent”) was employed by Colgate-Palmolive (Pty) Ltd (“the Applicant”) as its CDT Finance Manager. In August 2017 the Respondent suffered a brain stem bleed, which temporarily incapacitated
Article was written by Nombuyiselo Mvelase, Candidate Attorney, checked by Kirsten Chetty, Associate at Schindlers Attorneys, and released by Maike Gohl, Senior Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 21 June 2021 Introduction While it is important to know your rights, it is as important to understand your rights. According to the Constitution of the Republic of South
Case summary written by Avyakta Sing and checked by Kirsten Chetty Background Mr Jacobson (“the Applicant”) is a medical doctor who was an employee of the Respondent, VITALAB medical practice. The Applicant was a founding director and shareholder of the Respondent as well as a director and shareholder of the property company, Strawberry Bush (Pty)
Witten by Nombuyiselo Mvelase and checked by Kirsten Chetty 22 February 2021 Background The application in question has been brought before the Eastern Cape High Court to interdict the safety protocols and measures that have been implemented by the North End prison facility (the “prison”) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the prison, which
Case summary written by Alisha Naik and checked by Kirsten Chetty. 01 February 2021 Background Nombulelo Cynthia Chiloane (“the Employee”) was said to have cashed a company cheque without following Standard Bank Limited’s (“the Employer”) internal procedures. It later transpired that the cashed cheque was fraudulent, which caused the Employer a loss of approximately R30,000.00.
Case summary was written by Jarrod Van Der Heever and checked by Kirsten Chetty. 03 December 2020 Background: Sanele Samuel Mngomezulu (“the Appellant”) was brought before the Sebokeng Regional Court, together with four others, on a charge of murder read with section 51(1) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 105 of 1997 (“the CLAA”). The
Case summary written by Lindokuhle Mashilo and checked by Kirsten Chetty 27 October 2020 BACKGROUND This case concerns the decision of the Pretoria High Court (“court a quo”) to rescind and set aside a default judgment and sale of immoveable property in execution of a judgment debt, due to inadequate compliance with Rule 42(1)(a) of
Case summary written by Sean Buskin and checked by Danmari Duguid 22 October 2020 Background In this matter, the Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (“the Applicant”) launched an application in terms of Rule 4(2) of the Uniform Rules of Court, requesting substituted service of a notice in terms of section 129(1)(a) of the National


By Lisa Schmidt (Associate), Kirsten Chetty (Associate) andWade Jacobs (Candidate Attorney) Taking legal action: initiating process Recovering outstanding amounts can be done effectively through various debt collection mechanisms. Drafting and dispatching a letter of demand has become a prerequisite to any debt collection proceeding. A letter of demand not only sets out the basis of
Case summary written by Phathu Ratshitanga and checked by Kirsten Chetty Background This case concerns an alleged unlawful nuisance in the form of an offensive odour. The matter was initially heard before a single judge in the Western Cape Division of the High Court of South Africa (“the Court a quo”) and was later taken