Article written by Avyakta Sing, Candidate Attorney, checked by Kirsten Chetty, Associate and released by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 05 July 2022 BACKGROUND Mr Rala-Rala (“the Respondent”) was employed by Colgate-Palmolive (Pty) Ltd (“the Applicant”) as its CDT Finance Manager. In August 2017 the Respondent suffered a brain stem bleed, which temporarily incapacitated
Article written by Savera Singh and checked and released by Jayna Hira, Associate INTRODUCTION In the case of Stransham-Ford v Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and Others, the contentious topic of euthanasia was discussed at length and assessed on the individual merits of the case. Mr Robert James Stransham-Ford (“the Applicant”), was a highly
Case Summary Written by Khethiwe Mabhena, Candidate Attorney, checked and released by Elani Vogel, Candidate Attorney 13 April 2022 Judgment Delivered on 29 January 2021 THE BACKGROUNDThis judgment concerned an application before the Supreme Court of Appeal (the “Court”) to set aside an order of the High Court dismissing SWATCH AG (SWATCH SA)’s (the “applicant”)
Case Summary Written by Fatimah Ansary, Candidate Attorney, checked and released by Elani Vogel, Candidate Attorney 20 April 2022 Introduction This case portrays a clear indication of how the Courts will not entertain frivolous and vexatious litigation. The integrity of the Judicial system and its officers will be safeguarded to the extent that justice and
Written by Danmari Duguid, Associate BACKGROUND (HIGH COURT) This appeal from the Gauteng Division of the High Court, Pretoria (“High Court”) to the Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”) follows after the Alliance of Natural Health Products (South Africa) (“the Alliance”) successfully challenged the Minister of Health’s General Regulations published on 25 August 2017 under GN