Schindlers will assist clients with bail applications both at the police station and at Court. Schindlers aims to protect the rights of the individual and will ensure that individuals rights are protected at all times and that a fair trial is given to the accused. Schindlers will provide assistance from bail to trial and guide you throughout. Schindlers offers advice on various aspects of criminal law and will educate you on your rights so that you are aware of same and will be protected in the future.



Michela Ferreira

Michela plays an integral role in bringing together technology initiatives. Whilst she possesses a strong knowledge of brand development, strategy implementation, consistency and standards, she is proficient in design, multimedia, frontend and backend UI and UX design, frontend design and the formulation of strategies to synthesize the physical and cyber.

She is passionate about modern culture and how technology transforms internal and external business systems to enhance efficiency and growth. 

She is steadfast in her commitment to reshaping the technology landscape into an inclusive domain, ensuring equal access to the burgeoning global digital economy for all individuals. Her efforts focus on democratizing the financial sector, bridging the gap between technology and everyday users worldwide.