Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) has become exceedingly popular in today’s times both locally and internationally. ADR allows you to ensure that a proficient advocate, attorney or retired judge applies his or her mind to the papers and gives a competent order. Furthermore, ADR is far more expedient as time periods are monitored by an independent organisation such as the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (“AFSA”) and any extension requested by a party must first be granted by the Arbitrator.
Schindler’s Attorneys has a long history of Dispute Resolution and have dealt with numerous ADR matters over a number of years. Schindler’s are experts in the ADR procedure and all legislation and regulations associated with ADR. Furthermore, over the many years of experience in dealing with ADR matters and organisations, Schindler’s has developed an excellent working relationship with AFSA among other independent organisations dealing with ADR.
As a result of Schindler’s extensive experience, expertise and close working relationships, Schindler’s is able to ensure that legal advice and services of an exceedingly high standard are provided to our Clients and that disputes are resolved effectively, efficiently and in the quickest possible time whilst ensuring that all actions taken are in our Client’s best interests thus enabling our Client’s to obtain optimal results.



Michela Ferreira

Michela plays an integral role in bringing together technology initiatives. Whilst she possesses a strong knowledge of brand development, strategy implementation, consistency and standards, she is proficient in design, multimedia, frontend and backend UI and UX design, frontend design and the formulation of strategies to synthesize the physical and cyber.

She is passionate about modern culture and how technology transforms internal and external business systems to enhance efficiency and growth. 

She is steadfast in her commitment to reshaping the technology landscape into an inclusive domain, ensuring equal access to the burgeoning global digital economy for all individuals. Her efforts focus on democratizing the financial sector, bridging the gap between technology and everyday users worldwide.