With the early implementation and adoption of technology often being a key factor in businesses emerging as the leaders in their industry, many are looking to blockchain technology and other crypto-assets and the benefits that they may bring.

Blockchain has shown great opportunities, not only limited to finance. The most notable use of blockchain is as a so-called cryptocurrency. However, it has also inspired many other applications. The use of blockchain and, specifically, smart contracts, can be applied in various industries and can improve the efficacy of business too.

Schindlers has positioned itself as one of the first law firms in South Africa to specialise in blockchain technology,cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets, enabling us to offer a wide array of services to domestic and multi-national clients. Members of the department have extensive experience in corporate and commercial litigation, tax and labour law, commercial drafting, property law, compliance and alternative dispute resolution.

Not only does the department boast members who have an understanding of blockchain and Fintech, but we are one the few South African law firms who partner with South Africa’s leading AI and automation specialists. This synergistic relationship allows us to balance both legal and technological considerations for our clients.

Our department specialists are able to provide legal advice and assistance regarding:

All aspects of crypto-assets

Blockchain and crypto-currencies advisory services (both for platform administrators/developers and clients of those platforms)

Data security and privacy

Smart contracts

Crypto-assets and exchange control

Crypto-assets and dispute resolution

The Department consists of the following people:

  • Maurice Crespi
  • David Hepburn
  • Chantelle Gladwin-Wood
  • Danmari Duguid
  • Elani Vogel
  • Wade O’Connor
  • Trevor Coltman (AI and Automation specialist at Schindlers Technology)

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