At Schindlers we encourage our attorneys to do at least 24 hours of probono work per year, in line with the Law Society of the Northern Province’s ruling in this regard. However, we leave our attorneys to select their own cases, provided that the clients satisfy the means test and that our attorneys have sufficient capability and capacity to do so.

We accept referrals for probono work from the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, as well as from, where we have capacity and the expertise to assist. As such, we are happy to consider requests from the public for probono assistance, but we cannot guarantee that any of our attorneys will have the capacity, or expertise, to assist.

We receive requests for assistance on a daily basis, and although we would like to help everyone, we simply do not have the means to do so.  If we are unable to assist, you can approach the Legal Practice Council or for assistance.

Please contact for any queries relating to probono work.