Intellectual property constitutes the intangible property which is a result of the creations of the mind: this incorporates trade marks, trade secrets, inventions, designs, literary works, artistic works, symbols, names and images used in the commercial environment. Intellectual property rights can protect the interests of the creator and thus enable innovation and creation to flourish without fear.

Protecting one’s business’s intellectual property rights is essential in modern economic practice, particularly in relation to establishing and maintaining one’s business’s goodwill and reputation. Intellectual property can also be extremely valuable. Schindlers Attorneys’ intellectual property department deals with a multitude of aspects of intellectual property including trademark prosecution (which involves the registration, maintenance, protection and enforcement of trademarks and their associated rights) and litigation in relation to various aspects of intellectual property.

All members of the intellectual property team have wide experience in both commercial and litigious fields of law and are therefore poised to tackle intellectual property matters holistically. Contact Caitlin Wilde for further assistance and advice in respect of intellectual property.