Blue Light Brigades
Article was written by S’negugu Dlamini, Candidate Attorney and released by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 22 July 2021 Introduction Hypothetically at least, public roads are public property, and everyone has an equal right to use them and further, to be safe when using them. Are certain persons above the law, however, and permitted
Civil unrest
Article was written by Charlotte Clarke, Senior Associate, Lauren Squier, Associate, Alisha Naik, Candidate Attorney and released by Alec Veitch, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 19 July 2021 INTRODUCTION Violent protest action, looting and civil unrest continues to wreak havoc across South Africa, resulting in extensive damage to residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, stock and other
Article was written by, Elani Vogel, Candidate Attorney, checked by Courtney Altmuner, Associate and released by Caitlin Wilde, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 19 July 2021 Introduction A trademark differentiates the goods and services of one business from that of another. A trademark is defined in the Trade Marks Act 194 of 1993 (“the Act”) as