Case summary written by Blake Liam Hamilton and checked by Khotso Mmatli. Background On 13 October 2017, Bruce Gordon McMillan (“the “Appellant”) instituted an action in the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court, East London (the “Court a quo”), against Bate Chubb & Dickson Incorporated (the “Respondent”) for damages for breach of an oral
Written by and Frank Sebatana and Chantelle Gladwin-Wood March 2021 Background Many South Africans would have heard about Section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (‘the Constitution’) which provides any and all inhabitants of South African the right to property and constitutional protection of said property. However, recently, the South African
Case summary written by Avyakta Sing and checked by Kirsten Chetty Background Mr Jacobson (“the Applicant”) is a medical doctor who was an employee of the Respondent, VITALAB medical practice. The Applicant was a founding director and shareholder of the Respondent as well as a director and shareholder of the property company, Strawberry Bush (Pty)