Article written by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Maike Gohl, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 22 May 2022 Introduction The City of Johannesburg’s (“COJ”) 2018 Supplementary 4 General Valuation Roll (“2018 Supplementary 4 GV”) was released for public inspection and comment on 11 May 2022. It will remain open for inspection and objection until 24 June 2022. The
THE “SHAPE OF YOU” COPYRIGHT BATTLE Article written by Lesai Seema, Candidate Attorney, checkeb by Charlotte Clark, Senior Associate and released by Maike Gohl, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 09 May 2022 Background On 06 April 2022, the High Court of Justice in England and Wales, Intellectual Property List (Chancery Division), handed down judgment in the
Case Summary Written by Khethiwe Mabhena, Candidate Attorney, checked and released by Elani Vogel, Candidate Attorney 13 April 2022 Judgment Delivered on 29 January 2021 THE BACKGROUNDThis judgment concerned an application before the Supreme Court of Appeal (the “Court”) to set aside an order of the High Court dismissing SWATCH AG (SWATCH SA)’s (the “applicant”)