By Craig Green (Partner) and Maike Gohl (Partner) 2 June 2022 INTRODUCTION This article seeks to examine, in terms of the City’s own tariff schedules, as published on its website, what the City may legally bill its consumers for refuse charges, with a specific emphasis on refuse charges for business properties, and what a consumer
Article written by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Maike Gohl, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 22 May 2022 Introduction The City of Johannesburg’s (“COJ”) 2018 Supplementary 4 General Valuation Roll (“2018 Supplementary 4 GV”) was released for public inspection and comment on 11 May 2022. It will remain open for inspection and objection until 24 June 2022. The
Article written by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys and Lauren Squier, Associate at Schindlers Attorneys. Introduction This article takes a critical look at the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality (“COJ”)’s proposed 2022/2023 rates policy.  The COJ is currently in the process of conducting public meetings relating to the proposed changes to the policy, which
Article written by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood and Maike Gohl, both Partners at Schindlers Attorneys. 28 February 2022 INTRODUCTION Owners of sectional title units should be billed by their respective municipality for rates based on the rating category applicable to such units as set out in the municipality’s prevailing rates policy. In the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan
Article written by Avayakta Sing, Candidate Attorney, checked and released by Jordan Dias, Associate at Schindlers Attorneys. BACKGROUND In her capacity as the mother and natural guardian of the minor child (herein after referred to as “B”), the Plaintiff instituted action against the Defendant (City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality). According to the Plaintiff, B was
INTRODUCTION HOW PROPERTY RATES ARE CHARGED In terms of the Act a consumer’s liability for property rates is determined by two factors, the first of which is the municipal property valuation and the second of which is the rating categorization that the property is put into by the municipality. The rating categorization must be one