The General Valuation Rolls to the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan General Valuation Roll shall be released for public inspection and comment on 24 February 2021. It will remain open for inspection and objection, if needed, until 18 June 2021.  It is the responsibility of every property owner to check the municipal property valuations and/or categorisation
Case no: JA78/18 In the matter between: ESKOM HOLDINGS SOC LTD – Appellant NATIONAL UNION OF MINEWORKERS – First Respondent MI MAPONYA AND 7 OTHERS – Second Respondents Held: 21 November 2019Delivered: 06 January 2020 Summary: Contractual claim – employer implementing ad hoc salaryadjustment but not at the amount stipulated in the memorandum – employee
Case summary written by Tayla Bruce and checked by Lauren Squier.                                           03 December 2020 Background: The Plaintiff and the First Defendant entered into and concluded a supply agreement, in terms of which the Plaintiff would supply to the First Defendant certain diesel petroleum products (“the Agreement”). In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the
Case number: A277 / 2016               APPELLANT: DEON JOHANN PIENAAR and RESPONDENT: MERVIN BEAN Coram: The Hon Mr Justice Binns-Ward and The Hon Mr Justice Wille Heard: 16th of October 2020 Judgement: 21st of October 2020 (Delivered by email to the parties and release to SAFLII
Case summary written by Tayla Bruce and checked by Jordan Dias. 04 November 2020 BACKGROUND On 12 October 2010, Brocsand (Pty) Ltd (“Brocsand”) and Full Score Trading CC (“Full Score”) concluded an agreement in terms of which Brocsand was appointed to render mining services in respect of the minerals located on a farm (“Red Hill
Case summary written by Tayla Bruce and checked by Jayna Hira. 05 October 2020 Background The Applicant (“Imbumba”) is an association consisting of twenty-five-member non-profit organisations, whose function is to provide specialised community-based care in accordance with section 11 of the Older Persons Act 13 of 2006 (“the Members”). Each of the Members entered into
Case summary written by Snazo Tuswa and checked by Jordan Dias Background On 7 August 2019, M Du Plessis (“the Arbitrator”) handed down an award in arbitration proceedings (“Arbitration Award”), between the First, Second, Third Applicants, and the Second to the Eighth Respondents. Subsequent to such arbitration, the Arbitrator ordered compliance as to all participants
Case summary written by Tayla Bruce and checked by Jordan Dias Background:  During March 2013, Anabella Resources CC (“the Appellant”) and Genric Insurance Company Limited (“the Respondent”) entered into an insurance agreement (“the Agreement”), in terms whereof the Respondent undertook to indemnify the Appellant for loss or damage which it suffered in the event of
By  Tayla Bruce and checked by Jayna Hira    Background On 3 November 2010, the Competition Commissioner, acting on behalf of the Competition Commission (“the Applicant”), initiated a complaint against several firms in the furniture removal industry (“2010 Complaint”). The 2010 Complaint alleged that these firms had been engaged in multiple instances of “cover quoting”