Case summary written by Danmari Duguid, Associate 05 September 2022 BACKGROUND Following the arrest of an employee and director of the Haze Club, the applicants (The Haze Club, Liddell and Van Houten) instituted application proceedings wherein they sought a declaratory order from the court that a “grow club” model is lawful and consistent with the
01 September 2022 BACKGROUND 1. We refer to the above matter. 2. This media release serves to address: 2.1. The recent judgement from the Western Cape High Court under case number 2101/2021, also known as the “Haze Club Judgement”; and 2.2. The effects of the judgement and any possible appeal. 3. Following the arrest of one if

How Much Do You Know About Cannabis?

Cannabis Education for Employers, Managers and HR Professionals Arrives in South Africa Brought to you by Schindlers Attorneys, RCU Canada and EduCann Cannabis has, to a degree, been decriminalised in South Africa since September 2018. Although this doesn’t technically mean that cannabis is legal, it does mean that it is no longer a criminal offence for adults to
SUMMARY Issue before the Constitutional Court (“CC”): Whether the impugned provisions criminalizing the mere possession, use or cultivation of cannabis by an adult in private for his or her personal use, limit the right to privacy (as held by the High Court) and, if they do, whether that limitation is reasonable and justifiable in an