Case summary by Katleho Selepe checked by Jeannique Booysen 29 April 2021 Background The respondent, Spar Group Limited (“Spar”), had a dispute with one of its franchisers, Umtshingo Trading (“Umtshingo”) which operated by Mr. Paolo. Umtshingo ran three Spar outlets and held a Bank account for each with the appellant, FirstRand Bank Limited (“the Bank”).
Case summary written by Celeste Frank and checked by Jeannique Booysen. 04 November 2020 BACKGROUND On 29 April 2020, the accused, namely Sergio Baron stole 8 (eight) chocolates to the value of R71,92 from Shoprite in Ceres. After his rights to legal representation were explained to him, he elected to conduct his own defence and
Case summary written by Snazo Tuswa and checked by Jeannique Booysen Background In January 2006, the National Health Laboratory Service (“the Plaintiff”) employed Mariana Magdalena Lloyd-Jansen Van Vuuren (“the Defendant”) as a junior registrar. At this time, the parties concluded a written agreement (“the initial agreement”) setting out the terms and conditions of the Defendant’s
SUMMARY Doves Group Proprietary Limited (the “Applicant”) launched an application against Johan Daniel Etzart Rousseau (the “First Respondent”), and Funeral Industry Reformed Association (the “Second Respondent”)(collectively referred to as the “Respondents”), in order to interdict and prevent the Respondents from posting defamatory information on all social media platforms about the Applicant.  The First Respondent was
By Nicola Nieuwoudt – Partner, Jeannique Booysen – Associate, and Celeste Frank, Candidate Attorney INTRODUCTION The COVID-19 crisis has not only shocked global healthcare and the world economy to the core but has led to the first National State of Disaster and lockdown in our democracy, with personal lives being affected in an unprecedented manner.
SUMMARY Mr Bradley Russel Stearns, a 51-year-old man (the “Plaintiff”) sued Robispec (Pty) Ltd (the “Defendant”) in respect of an accident that occurred in a Pick n Pay store which is owned and manged by the Defendant (“the Store”). On 03 April 2017 the Plaintiff ruptured his left bicep as a result of a poorly
SUMMARY Global and Local Investments Advisors (Pty) Ltd (“the Appellant”), a financial services provider, was authorised to invest and manage money entrusted by Nickolaus Ludick Fouche (“the Respondent”). The Appellant’s role is to open accounts for its clients at Investec and then manage such accounts for a fee expressed as a percentage of the funds

Maintenance & Majority

Introduction It is trite in law that both biological parents have the duty to maintain their minor child. It is often believed that this maintenance obligation only exists until a child attains majority. We consider this misnomer and explore the mandatory maintenance obligations that may exist towards a child beyond majority. Background Under South African
SUMMARY The Appellant (“Mushi”) had been employed by the Respondent, Exxaro Coal (Pty) Ltd, (“Exxaro”) at Grootegeluk Coal Mine for 24 years. On 10 March 2015, Mushi was on duty driving an oversized coal haul truck. Mushi reported to his foreman that a shovel operator was loading his truck in an unsafe manner and the
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY Heatherview Estate Extension 24 Home Owners Association (NPC) (the “Applicant”) brought an urgent application before the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, Pretoria (the “Court”) seeking relief against the Respondents in the matter, being a group of 56 displeased members of the Applicant. The relief sought by the Applicant, included inter