SUMMARY Global and Local Investments Advisors (Pty) Ltd (“the Appellant”), a financial services provider, was authorised to invest and manage money entrusted by Nickolaus Ludick Fouche (“the Respondent”). The Appellant’s role is to open accounts for its clients at Investec and then manage such accounts for a fee expressed as a percentage of the funds
BACKGROUND Atlantic Marine and Aviation LLP (the “Owner”), the defendant in the matter, chartered the ‘Atlantic Tonjer’, a multi-purpose support vessel (the “Vessel”), to the claimant, Boskalis Offshore Marine Contracting BV (“the “Charterer”) under the BIMCO SupplyTime 2017 Charter Party for Offshore Support Vessels (the “BIMCO Agreement”). A charter party is a deed or an
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY The application involves the interpretation of a lease agreement (“the lease agreement”) between Merchant West (Pty) Ltd (“the Applicant”) and Cell C (Pty) Ltd (“the Respondent”). The lease agreement was made up of a Master Rental Agreement (“the MRA”) concluded on 19 December 2013, a side letter dated 4 December 2013 and