SUMMARY On or about 1 June 2012, Malcom Wentzel (“the Applicant”) took out a life  insurance policy number 5130640002 (“the Policy”) on the life of his wife, with whom he was married to in community of property, with Discovery Life (“the First Respondent”) and appointed himself as a beneficiary of the proceeds of the policy
THE DEFAULT JUDGMENT The High Court of Justice (Business and Property Courts in Manchester) (the “Court”) heard a case in which Praetura Asset Finance Limited (the “Claimant”) sought to recover approximately £1,500,000.00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) from Derek Thomas Hood (the “Defendant”) in terms of an unregulated hire purchase agreement which involved a
BACKGROUND This is an appeal that arises from an incident at a public school where a young member of the public was injured on the school’s premises while attending a fashion show. Naqeeb Emeran (“Naqeeb”) attended a fashion show at Parktown High School for Girls, which was organized by the Representative Council of Learners (“RCL”).
SUMMARY Background The Mr Z (the “Appellant”) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and peripheral polyneuropathy. As a result thereof, he claimed medical tax credits in terms of section 6B(1) of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 (the “ITA”) for the expenses that he contended he had incurred for treating his disability. The Appellant disputed
BACKGROUND The Appellant in this case is Gillian McNair, the former wife of the late Steven McNair (the “Deceased”). The Deceased, prior to his death, registered the McNair Family Trust (the “Trust”) nominating his wife and children as beneficiaries of the Trust. While the Deceased was alive, the trustees were the Deceased, the Appellant and
SUMMARY This is an application for rescission of judgment wherein Interactive Trading 115 CC (the “First Applicant”) and Barend Stephanus Schempers (the “Second Applicant”) (the “Applicants”) sought to rescind a judgment which was granted in default against them on 21 December 2017 and later varied on 05 June 2018. Both the main judgment and the
SUMMARY Global and Local Investments Advisors (Pty) Ltd (“the Appellant”), a financial services provider, was authorised to invest and manage money entrusted by Nickolaus Ludick Fouche (“the Respondent”). The Appellant’s role is to open accounts for its clients at Investec and then manage such accounts for a fee expressed as a percentage of the funds
SUMMARY THE PARTIES The First Applicant, Crosspoint Property Investments (Pty) Ltd, was granted a tender by the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements to develop the broader area on which the Second Applicant’s properties are situated. The development is in terms of a project that intends to yield thousands of units of integrated housing and associated
SUMMARY The Playboy Club London Ltd (the “First Claimant”) operated a casino based in London and offered cheque cashing facilities to its customers for the purpose of purchasing gambling chips. Mr. Hassan Barakat (“Barakat”), a Lebanese resident and well-known figure at a casino in Lebanon, was desirous of gambling at the First Claimant’s casino. The
SUMMARY During 2013 Mr Ratlou (“Ratlou”) acquired Phapo Nkone Transport (Pty) Ltd (“PNT”) together with its business. Subsequently, on 24 October 2013, he executed a deed of suretyship in favour of MAN Financial Services SA (Pty) Ltd (“MAN”) to secure a lease agreement between MAN and PNT relating to the lease of trucks and trailers.