Article written by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys and Lauren Squier, Associate at Schindlers Attorneys. Introduction This article takes a critical look at the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality (“COJ”)’s proposed 2022/2023 rates policy.  The COJ is currently in the process of conducting public meetings relating to the proposed changes to the policy, which
Written by Marc Gevers, Candidate Attorney, checked by Lauren Squier, Associate and released by Maike Gohl, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 23 August 2021 Background This case deals with an application for leave to appeal against a costs order, which was made when the Applicant’s application to be admitted as a legal practitioner and enrolled as
By Maike Gohl, Partner; Lauren Squier, Associate and Katleho Selepe, Candidate Attorney Introduction The recent occurrence of protest action experienced throughout South Africa has resulted in many buildings and properties being damaged. This has caused property owners to suffer substantial losses. Following the protest action, the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality (“the City”) has invited
Civil unrest
Article was written by Charlotte Clarke, Senior Associate, Lauren Squier, Associate, Alisha Naik, Candidate Attorney and released by Alec Veitch, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 19 July 2021 INTRODUCTION Violent protest action, looting and civil unrest continues to wreak havoc across South Africa, resulting in extensive damage to residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, stock and other
By Lauren Squier, Associate and Alisha Naik, Candidate Attorney INTRODUCTION The period of lockdown presently being experienced by South Africans – in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – has resulted in confusion and uncertainty relating to insurance policies as well as the extent of the cover awarded thereunder. Both individuals and businesses are growing concerned
Integral Petroleum SA v Petrogat FZA & Ors
Article was written by Katleho Selepe, Candidate Attorney, checked by Lauren Squier, Associate and released by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Senior Partner at Schindler Attorneys. 12 July 2021 Introduction Property valuation rolls are quite complicated. Below is a brief explanation of how valuations and valuation rolls work. What is a valuation roll and where do I find it?
By Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner, Lauren Squier, Associate, and Eileen Dexter, Candidate Attorney Introduction Property valuation rolls are quite complicated.  Below is a brief explanation of how valuations and valuation rolls work. Tshwane’s 1st Supplementary Valuation Roll Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality’s (“the Municipality”) 1st Supplementary Valuation Roll (“Supp 1”) is open for inspection.  It is open from
By Lisa Schmidt (Associate), Lauren Squier (Associate), and Marc Gevers (Candidate Attorney) Introduction This article briefly looks at some of the fundamental duties and roles of both Trustees and Managing Agents in respect of sectional title schemes. Important concepts In order to understand the general concepts of this article, it is necessary to establish the
Case summary written by Tayla Bruce and checked by Lauren Squier.                                           03 December 2020 Background: The Plaintiff and the First Defendant entered into and concluded a supply agreement, in terms of which the Plaintiff would supply to the First Defendant certain diesel petroleum products (“the Agreement”). In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, the
By Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner, Maike Gohl, Partner and Lauren Squier, Associate 23 October 2020 Introduction The City of Johannesburg’s (“COJ”) 2018 Supplementary 2 Valuation Roll (“2018 Supplementary 2 GV”) was released for public inspection and comment on 21 October 2020. It will remain open for inspection and objection until 4 December 2020 It is avialable