SUMMARY On or about 1 June 2012, Malcom Wentzel (“the Applicant”) took out a life  insurance policy number 5130640002 (“the Policy”) on the life of his wife, with whom he was married to in community of property, with Discovery Life (“the First Respondent”) and appointed himself as a beneficiary of the proceeds of the policy
BACKGROUND The matter arises from a property syndication scheme conducted by the Dividend InvestmentcGroup, which consisted of Div-Vest Holdings (Pty) Ltd and its two wholly-owned subsidiaries.A property syndication is an investment scheme that facilitates the sale of a property, or a number of properties, to a group of investors who become, directly or indirectly, part
SUMMARY This matter concerned the claim for remuneration and expenses of a Business Rescue Practitioner (the “BRP”) when business rescue has failed and been converted into a liquidation, and particularly the order of preference of the BRP’s claim on the liquidation of the company concerned. In 2010, Nedbank Limited (“the Applicant”), loaned funds to Fima
SUMMARY The Constitutional Court (“CC”) handed down its judgment in an application for leave to appeal against a judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”), regarding the question as to whether a business rescue practitioner enjoys a “super preference” over all creditors, whether secured or not, during liquidation proceedings, in terms of the Companies