BACKGROUND BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (“the Applicant”) and Intertrans Earl Oil SA (Pty) Ltd (“the First Respondent”) entered into various agreements in terms of which the First Respondent would have the right to exclusively purchase the Applicant’s products for resale and in return, the Applicant would supply the First Respondent with fuel and lease
BACKGROUND The matter arises from a property syndication scheme conducted by the Dividend InvestmentcGroup, which consisted of Div-Vest Holdings (Pty) Ltd and its two wholly-owned subsidiaries.A property syndication is an investment scheme that facilitates the sale of a property, or a number of properties, to a group of investors who become, directly or indirectly, part
SUMMARY Marais and 56 Others (“Applicants”) were the employees of Shiva Uranium (Pty) Ltd (“First Respondent”) and brought an urgent application in the Labour Court seeking leave to institute legal proceedings against the First Respondent, the employer, which was placed in business rescue on 19 February 2018, in terms of section 113 (1)(b) of the