SUMMARY The First and Second Plaintiffs (“The Plaintiffs”) are respectively employed as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer, in a company duly registered and incorporated in terms of the company laws of the State of Delaware, USA named Reliance Inc (“FMLR”). FMLR is wholly owned by a Netherlands foundation, FML Asset Management (“FMLAM”).
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY The Plaintiffs in the matter, Mr. and Mrs. van der Bijl, brought an action for damages against the Defendants, Featherbrooke Estate Home Owners’ Association NPC (“the Association”) and Fidelity Security Services (Pty) Ltd (“Fidelity”), the security company employed by the Association to safeguard and protect the estate and its residents.   The
SUMMARY The applicant issued summons against the respondent claiming damages resultant from her treatment by the respondent’s employees at a public hospital. The respondent filed its Notice of Intention to Defend but failed to file a Plea and was subsequently barred. The application for default judgment was withdrawn by agreement and the respondent was afforded
SUMMARY The plaintiff issued summons against the defendant claiming R1,100,000.00 for alleged professional negligence by various hospitals’ doctors and nurses that treated the plaintiff. The defendant raised an exception, and the plaintiff amended her pleadings. The defendant raised a second exception on the basis that the plaintiff’s amended particulars failed to rectify the complaint, are