SUMMARY The appellant in this case was the owner of Evergreen Broadacres Retirement Lifestyle Village (“the Village”). The Village is a sectional titles scheme and a housing development scheme. The respondent resides in the Village, is a Life Right Owner and falls into the Phase 1 & 2 category of resident. The respondent’s complaint related
SUMMARY The plaintiff issued summons against the defendant claiming R1,100,000.00 for alleged professional negligence by various hospitals’ doctors and nurses that treated the plaintiff. The defendant raised an exception, and the plaintiff amended her pleadings. The defendant raised a second exception on the basis that the plaintiff’s amended particulars failed to rectify the complaint, are
Summary This case went on appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (the “SCA”) wherein the Court upheld an appeal against a decision of the Gauteng Division of the High Court (the “court a quo”). The issues before the SCA included, inter alia: 1.    whether or not the substitution of a party after litis contestatio
Summary Mahaeeane Mahaeene and Motlajsi Thakaso (the “Appellants”) were both previously employed by AngloGold Ashanti Limited (the “Respondent”) in its mining operations. The Appellants were medically boarded by the Respondent based on the ground that they had contracted silicosis, Silicosis is disease commonly found in miners who are exposed to harmful quantities of silica dust.
Summary An Application was brought by the Applicant for leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal but only in respect of the cost order. Subsequently the Applicant launched an application to seek leave to amend its notice of Application for leave to appeal to seek leave to appeal also in respect of the
Summary This was an application for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”) from the Eastern Cape High Court Division, Grahamstown, against the judgement given within which the Applicant was struck from the roll of attorneys due to his misconduct (“the Application”). The main ground upon which the Applicant applied for leave
Summary This case dealt with the constitutional validity of the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act (“the Amendment Act”). The aim of the Act was to revive the lodgement of land claims in the Post-Apartheid era. The Applicant’s case was two-fold. The primary challenge sought a declaration that the Amendment Act, in its entirety, was
Introduction Foreigners who stay longer than their visa allows face much harsher sanctions under a new immigration law, which lawyers say is punitive and unconstitutional. The Immigration Amendment Bill (the “Bill”) was published in Government Gazette No. 39501 of 11 December 2015, in order to amend the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 (“the Act”). This
Summary The Applicant was seeking to strike off the First Respondent from the roll of attorneys on account of her not being a fit and proper person to practise as an attorney. The First Respondent faced four counts of professional misconduct namely: 1. A contravention of s 70(2) of the Attorneys Act No. 53 of
Summary This case concerns an appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) wherein the court upheld an appeal against a decision of the High Court of KwaZulu-Natal. The High Court a quo found that it was not permissible for a written agreement, which required cancellation to be in writing and signed by the parties,