SUMMARY The Playboy Club London Ltd (the “First Claimant”) operated a casino based in London and offered cheque cashing facilities to its customers for the purpose of purchasing gambling chips. Mr. Hassan Barakat (“Barakat”), a Lebanese resident and well-known figure at a casino in Lebanon, was desirous of gambling at the First Claimant’s casino. The
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY Shane Symons and Johanna Symons (“the Plaintiffs”) are the trustees of the Symon Family Trust (“the Trust”), who sought to claim damages against the Rob Roy Investments CC t/a Assetsure (“the Defendant”), the Plaintiffs former financial adviser and investment broker. The Plaintiffs’ claim is based on the premise that the Trust, acting
SUMMARY BKB Limited (“the Plaintiff”) entered into a verbal agreement with Pieter Bezuidenhout (“the Defendant”), wherein the Plaintiff would deliver fertilizer to the Defendant at the Defendant’s special instance, from time to time. Upon delivery of the fertilizer, it was an express, alternatively implied, alternatively tacit term that the Defendant would be invoiced, and that
SUMMARY The appellant in this matter is Scoin Trading, a company that trades in coins and similar items. Gregory John Till (the deceased) was an avid coin collector who had purchased some gold coins and medallion from the appellant. During August 2007, deceased entered into an agreement with the appellant to purchase a rare ZAR