SUMMARY THE PARTIES The Applicant in this matter is Capitec Bank Ltd, a registered credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (“NCA”) (herein referred to as the “Applicant”). The First Respondent is Sebastien Alarik Alexanderson, a registered debt counsellor. The Second Respondent is Agnes Hendrika Botes, the consumer under debt
SUMMARY The Playboy Club London Ltd (the “First Claimant”) operated a casino based in London and offered cheque cashing facilities to its customers for the purpose of purchasing gambling chips. Mr. Hassan Barakat (“Barakat”), a Lebanese resident and well-known figure at a casino in Lebanon, was desirous of gambling at the First Claimant’s casino. The
Introduction The registration of a mortgage bond over the immovable property of the debtor (“mortgagor”), in favour of the creditor (“mortgagee”), is a common example of granting security. A lesser known form of security is the notarial bond, which functions in a similar way to mortgage bonds but is registered over the movable property of
SUMMARY The Respondent entered into a loan agreement in favour of the Appellant. In terms of this agreement, the Appellant bought medical equipment from the Respondent and, in return, drew a number of blank cheques in favour of the Respondent. Contemplated in the amounts of said cheques was a “participating share of the profit”, to