SUMMARY The Playboy Club London Ltd (the “First Claimant”) operated a casino based in London and offered cheque cashing facilities to its customers for the purpose of purchasing gambling chips. Mr. Hassan Barakat (“Barakat”), a Lebanese resident and well-known figure at a casino in Lebanon, was desirous of gambling at the First Claimant’s casino. The
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY Mr Doyle (the “Appellant”) had a credit card issued to him by MBNA Europe Bank Limited (“MBNA”) in 1997 under a running credit card agreement (the “Agreement”). In terms of clause 8f of the Agreement, MBNA were entitled to demand the full outstanding balance of the facility in certain circumstances, subject to
SUMMARY The claimant in this matter was Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc. (the “Claimant”) and the defendant was National Power Corporation (the “First Defendant”). The First Defendant’s claim was subsequently transferred to the First Defendant’s successor, Power Sector Assets And Liabilities Management Corp (the “Second Defendant”). The First and Second Defendant were wholly owned and
BACKGROUND & SUMMARY The appellant in this matter was MWB Business Exchanges Centres Ltd (“MWB”), a company who managed serviced offices in London. The respondent in this matter was Rock Advertising Limited (“Rock”). MWB and Rock entered into a licence agreement (the “Agreement”) for the occupation of certain office space (the “Premises”) for a fixed