BACKGROUND Joseph Ndzimande and two others (the “Applicants”) were dismissed from the employ of Xstrata (the “Third Respondent”) on the grounds that they brought the Third Respondent into disrepute after allegedly making false and defamatory statements in an interview that aired on 3 (three) SABC radio stations during a march embarked upon by employees of
SUMMARY In this case Potgieter (the “Applicant”) approached the Labour Court (“Court”) on an urgent basis for an order interdicting the Respondents from proceeding with disciplinary action against him, alternatively an order that the disciplinary proceedings against him be dealt with in terms of section 188(A) of the Labour Relations Act (“LRA”) The application related
SUMMARY Tshepo Malatji (the “Applicant”), who was an employee of The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (the “First Respondent”) applied for 8 director positions on 8 February 2013, which positions were advertised by the First Respondent. One of the positions that the Applicant applied for was that of Director of Road Policing, unfortunately the Applicant
SUMMARY This matter concerns the Commissioner’s (the First Respondent) award finding that the dismissal of Cecilia Senatsi, the Third Respondent, by Tsebo Outsourcing Group, the Applicant, was substantively and procedurally unfair, ordering her reinstatement. The Applicant sought an order setting aside the award. The Third Respondent was employed by the Applicant as an Assistant Catering
SUMMARY This judgment concerns an Arbitrator’s award made by Commissioner Malubane Buti at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”). On analysis of the factual matrix, Exxarro Ferro Alloys (Pty) Ltd(“the Employer”) dismissed Lesiba Kekana (“the Employee”) following an internal poor work performance enquiry into the Employee’s consistent poor work performance (failing to meet
SUMMARY The factual matrix from which this judgment transpires concerns an Arbitrator’s award. Securitas Specialised Services (Pty) Ltd (“the Employer”) dismissed Edward Pheme (“the Employee”) following an internal disciplinary enquiry into the Employee’s misconduct (failure to visit clients for 7 months).  The chairperson found the Employee guilty of the misconduct and recommended a sanction of
SUMMARY This matter concerns a review application brought about by Moeti John Lesedi (the “Applicant”) who is reviewing an arbitration order made by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (the “CCMA”), who is the First Respondent in the matter and Commissioner Timothy Boyce (the “Second Respondent”). The Applicant’s review application concerns Dischem Pharmacies (the
SUMMARY In 2006 the Twincare International (Pty) Ltd (“Twincare 1”) entered into an employment agreement with Deborah Nel (“Nel”), containing confidentiality and restraint of trade clauses. As an employee of Twincare, Nel was involved in the education of staff members of Twincare’s clients regarding the various beauty and skincare products that Twincare produces. In 2013,
SUMMARY – Background to Review This is an opposed review application of an award in which the arbitrator found that the third respondent, Mr I Juries (‘Juries’), was dismissed by the applicant (‘Unitrans’) unfairly because he did not deliberately falsify payroll information which caused a shop steward, Mr G Coetzee (‘Coetzee’), to receive additional remuneration
SUMMARY The Respondent’s cause of action is one for contractual damages that she contends were suffered in consequence of what is alleged to be a premature termination of a fixed-term contract. The relevant portion of the Respondent’s statement of claim read as follows: “The Respondent was appointed in an executive position commencing 15 August 2017,