SUMMARY The factual matrix from which this judgment arises concerns a dismissal of employees due to poor work performance. The Employer Moneyline Financial Services (Pty) Ltd dismissed the Third Respondent and 7 others (“the Employees”) who were employed in capacity as sales representatives. Following such dismissals, the matter proceeded to arbitration proceedings where it was
SUMMARY This matter concerns a review application brought about by Moeti John Lesedi (the “Applicant”) who is reviewing an arbitration order made by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (the “CCMA”), who is the First Respondent in the matter and Commissioner Timothy Boyce (the “Second Respondent”). The Applicant’s review application concerns Dischem Pharmacies (the
SUMMARY – Background to Review This is an opposed review application of an award in which the arbitrator found that the third respondent, Mr I Juries (‘Juries’), was dismissed by the applicant (‘Unitrans’) unfairly because he did not deliberately falsify payroll information which caused a shop steward, Mr G Coetzee (‘Coetzee’), to receive additional remuneration
SUMMARY This matter concerns the First Respondent’s award finding that the dismissal of the Fourth Respondent was substantively unfair, ordering his reinstatement. The Applicant sought an order setting aside the award, while the Fourth Respondent applied for the award to be made an order of court. The Fourth Respondent’s dismissal arose from his failure to