INTRODUCTION Why is the South African tourism industry up in arms about the latest craze to hit our shores since Uber? Well this article, seeks to explore and answer this   question. Hospitality groups are placing pressure on government to implement laws legislating Airbnbs’ and enforce stricter rules on persons involved in running Airbnbs’. This has

Self-help Evictions

By Maike Gohl, Senior Associate and Anja van Wijk, Senior Associate Introduction This article discusses the possible repercussions of landlords that undertake “self-help” evictions when it comes to removing occupants from their properties. Self-help evictions are attempts at removing anybody from a property without the necessary court order, and are also called unlawful evictions.  
SUMMARY The factual matrix from which this judgment arises concerns a retrenchment dispute. The matter pivoting on the consultation process adopted by Patcon Construction & Civil Engineering Contractors (Pty) Ltd (the “Employer”) with the Association of Mineworkers & Construction Union (the “Trade Union”). The Trade Union disputed the Employer’s compliance with the consultation process stipulated