INTRODUCTION This article considers when, and the extent to which, charges ought to be reversed from a consumer’s account as a result of a categorization change. RATING CATEGORIZATIONS The law provides that municipalities are entitled to determine the categories in respect of which properties within their jurisdictions fall for rating purposes. These categories must, by

Self-help Evictions

By Maike Gohl, Senior Associate and Anja van Wijk, Senior Associate Introduction This article discusses the possible repercussions of landlords that undertake “self-help” evictions when it comes to removing occupants from their properties. Self-help evictions are attempts at removing anybody from a property without the necessary court order, and are also called unlawful evictions.  
Introduction It often happens that property owners miss the deadline for objection to incorrect details on a property roll.  If municipal staff advise you that there is nothing you can do after the fact to fix the problem, they are wrong. This article describes the steps that a property owner can take to compel the