INTRODUCTION Why is the South African tourism industry up in arms about the latest craze to hit our shores since Uber? Well this article, seeks to explore and answer this   question. Hospitality groups are placing pressure on government to implement laws legislating Airbnbs’ and enforce stricter rules on persons involved in running Airbnbs’. This has


INTRODUCTION It is widely acknowledged that the landlord largely gets the short end of the stick when it comes to landlord-tenant law and that more often then not, the tenant’s rights are stronger than a landlord’s right. In trying to bring equilibrium to this issue, our law has a specific remedy for the landlord in
Introduction This article deals with liability for incorrectly billed municipal charges where a tenant does not have its own municipal account, and the charges for services consumed by the tenant at the rental property are billed to the landlord, who then passes them on to the tenant.The Impossible Triangle Let’s consider an example where the