INTRODUCTION This article considers the legal obligation of municipalities when it comes to sending notices, letters of demand and court documents via e-mail, “snail mail” (ordinary post) and “certified” or “registered” mail. This is important to consumers of municipalities because if the municipality in question fails to serve properly in accordance with law, the demand
INTRODUCTION This article examines whether the registration and enrollment requirements in the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act 95 of 1998 (the “Act”) applies to home builders who build homes with the intention of leasing same to tenants, as opposed to selling. The establishment and objects of the National Home Builders Registration Council (“NHBRC”) The Act
SUMMARY The judgment pertains to three cases which relate to Rule 43(2) and (3) applications[1]. All three of the Rule 43(2) applications before the Court contained affidavits and annexures in excess of what may be strictly necessary for applications of this nature. The Court was required to determine whether the relevant affidavits deposed to by