SUMMARY In this case, the First Appellant (“Starways”) (in liquidation), entered into a written contract with the First Respondent (“Pearl”) in terms of which Starways sold 25 000 metric tonnes of imported sugar to Pearl (“the sugar contract”).   The terms of the sugar contract provided that the first consignment of sugar would be delivered
BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY This case went on appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (the “SCA”) wherein the SCA upheld an appeal against the decision of the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, Pretoria (the “Court”). The issue before the SCA was whether or not the suretyship covered the liabilities arising under two agreements,
SUMMARY Cassim Jooma and Mahomed Sidque Jooma (“the Applicants”) are the registered owners of an immovable property located in Vrededorp, Gauteng (“the Immoveable Property”). On 26 February 2018, the Applicants and Obakeng Whyte Sekgetho (“the First Respondent”) concluded a written transfer agreement in respect of the Immoveable Property in terms of which the First Respondent