Article written by Elani Vogel, Candidate Attorney, checked by Loyiso Bavuma, and released by Caitlin Wilde, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 10 December 2021 Introduction Rule 23(1) of the Uniform Rules of Court (“the Rules”) deals with exceptions. An exception is a legal objection to an opponent’s pleading. It complains of a defect inherent in the
Case summary written byDean Scher and checked byLoyiso Bavuma 19 March 2021 BACKGROUND This was an application wherein the plaintiff (“the Applicant”) sought summary judgment against the defendant (“the Respondent”) founded upon a breach of a written instalment sale agreement (“the agreement”) concluded between the parties in respect of a motor vehicle. In the action,
CLE written by Elani Vogel and checked by Loyiso Bavuma 19 February 2021 Introduction This CLE comprises two cases, both focusing on trademark infringement in terms of s34(1)(a) and (c) of the Trade Marks Act 194 of 1993 (“the Act”). The applicant in both cases is Golden Fried Chicken (Pty) Ltd, trading as the well-known
Written by Loyiso Bavuma and checked by Charlotte Clarke BACKGROUND: The parties, in this case, are Camp Discovery (Pty) Ltd (the “Applicant”) and Infusion Construction & Concrete Treatment (Pty) Ltd(the “Respondent). The Applicant wishes to rescind a court order and have it replaced with an order allowing the Applicant to continue with its claim and
Written by Loyiso Bavuma and checked by Simone Jansen van Rensburg BACKGROUND This matter relates to an application for the rescission of a default judgment, a request for an order for costs in respect of proceedings which did not occur on 4 May 2020 and a request for condonation by the applicants for the late
Written by Loyiso Bavuma and checked by Jordan Dias Background This matter concerns an immovable property, in terms of which there was a sale and purchase agreement and an addendum thereto (hereinafter collectively the “Agreement”), concluded between the purchaser, Steenkamp (the “Applicant”) and joint sellers, Van Staden and Van Staden (hereinafter collectively the “Respondents”). After
Written by Loyiso Bavuma and checked by Divina Naidoo Background This  case dealt with an opposed application by the Howard Gewu (“the applicant”) to compel Moses Mbanzeni (“the first respondent”) and Wax Engineering and Consultants (Pty) Ltd (“the second respondent”) to transfer into his name forty percent of the shares in the second respondent. The
Written by Loyiso Bavuma and checked by Divina Naidoo Background: This present case was in relation to an application for summary judgment. On 17 November 2017, Business Partners Limited (“the applicant”) and JJH Supply and Projects (Pty) Ltd (“the principal debtor”) entered into a written agreement of loan (“the loan agreement”) in terms of which
High Frequency Trading (“HFT”). Firstly, what is it? HFT is as far as possible from your archetypal perception of Wall Street traders bellowing profanity over the phone as they execute trades. HFT is a subset of algorithmic trading, which essentially makes use of complex algorithms which collect and dissect a plethora of financial data and
SUMMARY The Development Facilitation Act (DFA) created development tribunals in South African provinces and empowered them to adjudicate on land developments. However, those provisions were ruled to be unconstitutional by this Court and the Constitutional Court confirmed that order.   The Constitutional Court suspended its order of invalidity for two years to enable the legislature