An analysis of the recent ruling of Uber South Africa Technology Services (Pty) Ltd v National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) and Others (C449/17) [2018] ZALCCT 1 Written by Pierre van der Merwe, Partner and Jordan Dias, Candidate Attorney 26 January 2018 Introduction Uber B.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands, conducts
Introduction The registration of a mortgage bond over the immovable property of the debtor (“mortgagor”), in favour of the creditor (“mortgagee”), is a common example of granting security. A lesser known form of security is the notarial bond, which functions in a similar way to mortgage bonds but is registered over the movable property of

An Overview of Copyright Law

Article written by Wade Jacobs and Marc Barros Gevers, checked by Paul-Michael Keichel 05 May 2021 Introduction As a result of current technological advancements and the focus on mobile and cloud-based productivity, and messaging tools, now, more than ever, it is essential to have an understanding of the basic principles of copyright law, in order
Case summary by Katleho Selepe checked by Jeannique Booysen 29 April 2021 Background The respondent, Spar Group Limited (“Spar”), had a dispute with one of its franchisers, Umtshingo Trading (“Umtshingo”) which operated by Mr. Paolo. Umtshingo ran three Spar outlets and held a Bank account for each with the appellant, FirstRand Bank Limited (“the Bank”).
Case summary written by Wade O’Connor and checked by Andrew Lawrie. 28 April 2021 Background In 2020, the Alliance of Natural Health Products in South Africa (the “Applicant”) brought an application to review and set aside certain aspects of the General Medicine Regulations, promulgated by the Minister of Health (the “Minister”), on 25 August 2017,
Written by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner and Frank Sebatana, Candidate Attorney Background Many South Africans would have heard about Section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (‘the Constitution’) which provides any and all inhabitants of South African the right to property and constitutional protection of said property. However, recently, the South African
Case summary written by Celeste Frank and checked by Jordan Dias. 26 April 2021 Background Pieter Hendrik Strydom N.O. and Amelia Strecker N.O. (“the Plaintiffs”), in their capacities as the joint liquidators of DexGroup (Pty) Ltd (in liquidation) (“the Company”) instituted claims against Snowball Wealth (Pty) Ltd and Messrs Chou, Zhang and Rabinowitz (“the Defendants”),
Case summary written by Celeste Frank and checked by Jordan Dias. 23 April 2021 Background The First Applicant and the Deceased were married in a civil marriage in and during October 1998. One child was born of the marriage in January 2000, who is the Second Applicant in this matter. In July 2020, the Deceased
Case summary was written by Denis Pokani Mitole and checked by Ayanda D Katjitae. 23 April 2021 Background Shepherd Bushiri Investments (“the Applicant”) brought an urgent application to stay the writ of execution interdicting JM Bush Investment Group (Proprietary) Limited (“the Respondent”) from proceeding with the execution of the judgment against the Applicant in the
Case summary written by Angela Paschalides and checked by Michal Asoulin and Charlotte Clarke (Solicitor of England and Wales) 21 April 2021 Background The High Court of Justice of England and Wales (Commercial Court, Queen’s Bench Division) (the “Court”) made a determination in respect of an application by SL Mining Limited (the “Applicant”) for a