Article written by Wade Jacobs, Candidate Attorney, checked by Jayna Hira, Associate and released by Charlotte Clarke, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 27 August 2021 BackgroundThis case deals with the issue of whether a Defendant may raise an exception to a Plaintiff’s amended particulars of claim, specifically where the Defendant has not objected to the Plaintiff’s
Article written by Blake Liam Hamilton and Wayde Grant Jacobs, Candidate Attorney’s, checked and released by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood, Partner at Schindler Attorneys 24 May 2021 Introduction The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (“HIV”) is a virus that targets the body’s immune system and, if not treated properly, can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (“AIDS”). Although there is

An Overview of Copyright Law

Article written by Wade Jacobs and Marc Barros Gevers, checked by Paul-Michael Keichel 05 May 2021 Introduction As a result of current technological advancements and the focus on mobile and cloud-based productivity, and messaging tools, now, more than ever, it is essential to have an understanding of the basic principles of copyright law, in order
Case summary written by Wade Jacobs and checked by Ayanda Katjitae 20 April 2021 Background In this matter, the Applicants (“Rappa”) approached the court on an urgent basis for an interim order that the Respondent (“SARS”) make payment of VAT refunds which SARS had withheld from it, pending a review of SARS’s decision to withhold
Case summary written by Sean Buskin and checked by Danmari Duguid 22 October 2020 Background In this matter, the Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (“the Applicant”) launched an application in terms of Rule 4(2) of the Uniform Rules of Court, requesting substituted service of a notice in terms of section 129(1)(a) of the National


By Lisa Schmidt (Associate), Kirsten Chetty (Associate) andWade Jacobs (Candidate Attorney) Taking legal action: initiating process Recovering outstanding amounts can be done effectively through various debt collection mechanisms. Drafting and dispatching a letter of demand has become a prerequisite to any debt collection proceeding. A letter of demand not only sets out the basis of
Case summary written by Wade Jacobs and checked by Musa Mathebula 09 October 2020 Background This is an urgent application by the Applicant in the High Court for an order declaring that the First Respondent’s notice to appoint a third party in terms of the provisions of section 179 of the Tax Administration Act 28
By Gary Boruchowitz, Senior Associate and Wade Jacobs, Candidate Attorney Introduction COVID-19 has changed the way that we live, work, and communicate. We have been driven to rely on technological advancements, more so than ever before – particularly through mobile and cloud-based productivity and messaging tools. Educators have had to collaborate to adapt their curriculums
Written by David Hepburn, Partner, Jayna Hira, Associate, and Wade Jacobs, Candidate Attorney INTRODUCTION The National Treasury and SARS have implemented measures to assist taxpayers to keep afloat and meet their financial obligations towards their employees and suppliers. In order to apply for requisite tax relief, a taxpayer must be tax compliant, and all tax
SUMMARY The United Manganese of Kalahari (Pty) Ltd (“UMK”) (the “Respondent”) conducted mining operations to produce manganese. The Respondent interpreted section 6(3)(b) of the Royalty Act (the “Act”) to permit the deduction of transport, insurance and handling costs (the “TIH costs”) when calculating gross sales. These were the costs which were incurred in the process