INTRODUCTION Noise is a natural consequence of whatever we do. It forms part of our everyday lives and, we often just tolerate it. However, noise has the capacity to cause conflict between those who are generating it and those who are victims of it. Noise pollution can be described as unwanted or offensive sounds that
Introduction  Urban delinquency is a term coined by our offices to describe the growing trend by occupants and owners of ignoring or openly violating municipal by-laws, health and safety laws, environmental laws, building laws and zoning laws in densely populated urban areas. This article explains how some of the more typical violations of these important
Introduction This articles explains your rights as a property owner when a neighbour violates a building line or encroaches on your land.   Determining Building Lines Every property has several imaginary lines that run along the inside of the property parallel to the borders, a few meters away from the actual borders.  These are known