SUMMARY The present case is an application based on the mandament van spolie to restore the supply of water and electricity services which were restricted by a Home Owners Association due to arrear levies on the account. Gert van Rooyen (the Applicant) leased a property within an estate. The owner of the property was a
Introduction This article deals with the legal issue of what fines and penalties are in relation to community schemes (such as a sectional title schemes, share blocks and homeowner’s associations, also known as private estates (“Estates”)). We look at the relevant laws governing the topic and explain the implications thereof. What are Fines and Penalties?
Introduction Are you a living in a Sectional Title Scheme, Home Owners Association, Share Block or any other type of Community Living set up? Then you will understand the many advantages of living in a scheme of this nature. These so called ‘Community Schemes’ are believed to offer security benefits and are becoming the newest