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ITS IMPACT AND THE WAY FORWARD Article written by Danisha Naidu, Candidate Attorney, checked by Davina Naidoo, Associate, and released by Alec Veitch, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 27 October 2021 INTRODUCTION This article aims to give a brief overview of the Carbon Tax Act, as well as the effects of carbon tax on the South
Civil unrest
Article was written by Charlotte Clarke, Senior Associate, Lauren Squier, Associate, Alisha Naik, Candidate Attorney and released by Alec Veitch, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 19 July 2021 INTRODUCTION Violent protest action, looting and civil unrest continues to wreak havoc across South Africa, resulting in extensive damage to residential and commercial buildings, vehicles, stock and other
By Wesley Pons, Associate, John Mackechnie, Associate, and Alec Veitch, Partner 1. Introduction Globally, major sporting events, festivals, conferences, accommodation, flights and bookings in general have been postponed or cancelled as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In South Africa many organisers have postponed or cancelled bookings and have stringently sought to impose a blanket
Introduction The nation and the world at large are presently being rocked by the pandemic that is COVID-19. In times such as these, it is important to equip yourself with knowledge, not only about the virus and how to protect yourself against it, but also about the impact that it could have on your business.
INTRODUCTIONThe Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng is a governmental organisation that is responsible for the protection of heritage sites in Gauteng. PHRA-G is established and governed in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999 (‘the Act’).   WHAT DOES PHRA-G GOVERN?In terms of this Act, any building or site which is identified


WHAT IS THE NHBRC? The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act 95 of 1998 was introduced into our law to protect housing consumers and establish the National Homebuilders Registration Council (NHBRC) as the regulatory body of the home building industry. The NHBRC also sets out to promote ethical and technical standards, holds home builders accountable for
Introduction The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with a basic and general understanding of what it means to be declared an Undesirable Person in the Republic of South Africa, what measures can be taken to avoid being declared undesirable and what can be done if you are declared undesirable. What does

Mobile Applications and the Law

Introduction The cyber-industry of mobile application development for smartphones and tablets Apps is an area that has gained exponential growth over recent years. A report compiled by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, an American venture capital firm, in 2015 revealed that over half of South Africa’s internet traffic came from mobile devices. The report further