By Marius van Rensburg – Head of Conveyancing and Partner INTRODUCTION With the expansion of e-commerce and the growing use of digital technology in the business world, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA) enacted in 2002, has made it easier than ever to facilitate electronic communications and transactions online, via e-mail,
By Marius van Rensburg – Head of Conveyancing and Partner at Schindlers Attorneys INTRODUCTION  Purchasing a house is usually quite stressful owing to the enormity of the implications involved, this can be further compounded by a party to the transaction passing away or going insolvent. In this article we explore the implications of the death/insolvency of
Marius van Rensburg – Author INTRODUCTION Current economic conditions will likely lead to more property owners being in financial distress. This article will identify and explain the phases related to financially distressed sales. DISTRESSED SALES A distressed sale occurs where the seller must sell due to circumstances, such as impending repossession by the bank, a