Article written by Lesai Seema, Candidate Attorney, checked and released by Shaun Piveteau, Senior Associate at Schindlers Attorneys 13 December 2021 INTRODUCTION Unlawful (or at the very least, what appears to be unlawful) cryptocurrency/Crypto assets (“Crypto”) transactions have been concluded almost immediately after blockchain technology was developed. The anonymity in the blockchain system, is a

Smart Contracts

Why should lawyers care about coding? Article written by Lesai Seema, Candidate Attorney, check and released by Heather Kemp, Senior Associate at Schindlers Attorneys, with special thanks to Danmari Duguid, Schindlers Innovations. 20 September 2021 INTRODUCTION In and during 1994, lawyer, cryptographer and Bit Gold creator, Nick Szabo coined the term “smart contract”. Szabo has
Article written by Lesai Seema and Alisha Naik, both Candidate Attorneys, checked by Justin Sloane, Partner at Schindlers Attorneys 02 September 2021 INTRODUCTION Looking back on the criminality that stemmed from the civil unrest in South Africa, it is crucial that citizens of the Republic of South Africa familiarise themselves with the Criminal Justice System
Article was written by Lesai Seema, Candidate Attorney, checked and released by Caitlin Wilde, Senior Partner at Schindlers Attorneys. 30 June 2021 INTRODUCTION Bitcoin is widely considered the first ever decentralised virtual currency or crypto asset[1] in the world. The currency is said to have been created on or about 03 January 2009 by a


Written by Lesai Seema, Candidate Attorney, and checked by Ayanda David Katjitae, Associate, and released by Chantelle Gladwin-Wood 19 May 2021 Introduction The South African (“SA”) Department of Home Affairs (“the Home Affairs”) is the body responsible for overseeing the determination and safeguarding of the identity and status of citizens and the regulation of immigration.
Case summary written by Lesai Seema and checked by Ashleigh Butler 24 March 2021 Background This appeal commenced in the Court of the Commissioner of Patents as a patent infringement action instituted by GROUNDPROBE PTY LTD & GROUNDPROBE SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD (the “Appellants”) against REUTECH MINING (PTY) LTD, REUNERT APPLIED ELECTRONIC and HOLDINGS (PTY)