Sarah – Schindlers’ Adjudication AI Engine Hands Down Judgement in Favour of the Legalisation of Psilocybin (Psychedelic Mushrooms) in South Africa

See her Judgment below

Introducing AI Adjudication by Schindlers Attorneys: A Milestone in Legal

At Schindlers Attorneys, we are at the forefront of legal innovation.

To highlight the capabilities of Sarah Turbo, our cutting-edge AI engine (yet to be released to the public), we uploaded the founding papers in the application to legalise psilocybin into Sarah Turbo’s AI engine and asked her to render a judgement. The notice of motion and founding affidavit were made available to the public by Cullinan Attorneys here. Importantly, Sarah was allowed to independently analyse and determine her findings, ensuring an unbiased outcome. No leading questions were included in the prompt to her. We merely asked her to render a judgement. We have identified several instances of incorrect references made by Sarah in her judgment, but have left them unchanged. Sarah’s training is ongoing, and it won’t be long before her recall accuracy reaches 99.9%. Not a single word in the judgment below is of human origin.

By automating the resolution of disputes, AI like Sarah can reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with legal proceedings, such as arbitrations that could take days or even years. This could dramatically cut costs, potentially saving parties hundreds of thousands to millions of rands.

At Schindlers Attorneys, we are excited to be leading the charge towards AI-powered legal adjudication services. Join us in embracing the future of legal dispute resolution—where innovation meets justice.



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