M&R Cannabis Law Department

Schindlers is South Africa’s first law firm to have a department dedicated to ‘M&R’ (‘medicinal’ & ‘recreational’) cannabis law, advising both international and local clients.

We have been experts in the Cannabis field for years, and rose to prominence in 2013, when we took-on the so-called “Dagga Couple” as clients and started leading their challenge to have the laws prohibiting Cannabis use and possession declared unconstitutional in South Africa. We were successful and in September 2018 the Constitutional Court ruled that the private consumption of Cannabis by adults should be brought within the confines of the law and ordered that Parliament enact the necessary legislation.

Our department focuses on five primary areas relating to M&R cannabis advice. These are:

1) Cannabis Corporate & Intellectual Property law;

2) Medicinal Cannabis Licensing and Compliance;

3) Recreational Cannabis law;

4) Litigation involving reviews of decisions by state functionaries & the protection and preservation of intellectual property, statutory and common law rights;

5) Criminal Defense Litigation that includes High Court litigation for Stays in Prosecution.

If you would like to contact us, please email us today at cannabis@schindlers.co.za or book a consultation by using our below contact form: