Schindlers Unveils Sarah:​

A Pioneering Step in AI-Assisted Legal Services​

Schindlers is setting a new precedent in the legal industry with the launch of Sarah, an AI legal assistant that signifies a major breakthrough in legal technology. Sarah is more than just an innovative tool; she exemplifies Schindlers’ dedication to making comprehensive legal support widely accessible, highlighting a significant leap in public legal services.

Sarah: Leading the Charge in Legal Tech

Developed by Schindlers’ expert in-house team, Sarah is the epitome of the integration of deep legal expertise and cutting-edge AI technology. Her development marks a strategic move, positioning Schindlers as a leader in delivering unique and impactful legal tech solutions.

Looking to the Future

Schindlers envisages Sarah broadening her capabilities to encompass legal document drafting and dispute resolution, fundamentally transforming the efficiency and precision of legal services. This vision reflects the firm’s confidence in AI’s capacity to revolutionise the legal field.

Bespoke AI Development

The tailored development of Sarah ensures her features align closely with the needs of Schindlers’ clients, underlining the firm’s commitment to providing top-tier, technologically advanced legal solutions.

Transforming Legal Services

Sarah is set to alter the landscape of legal assistance, introducing a level of efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility hitherto unseen in the legal sector. Schindlers is at the forefront of this transformation, actively shaping the future of legal services.

A Ground-breaking Public Service Initiative

Offering Sarah free of charge represents a substantial advancement in making legal advice accessible to all, a notable initiative since the establishment of the Legal Aid Board, showcasing Schindlers dedication to community welfare.

Innovative In-House AI Legal Drafting Service

Utilising other AI technology not yet available as part Sarah’s capabilities, Schindlers introduces an in-house AI legal drafting service, capable of producing various legal documents, such as complex affidavits, summonses and heads of argument, with the expertise of a counsel with no less than 10 years of seniority. This service promises significant cost savings, offering prices below what a litigant would typically expect to recover at taxation, and delivers documents within a few hours, setting new standards in the industry for speed and cost-efficiency. You provide us with the CaseLines record, and we will do the rest. Our services are offered with a ‘No Use, No Fee’ policy, ensuring that if the output produced is not utilised, there is no obligation to make a payment for the service. Our clients benefit from this significant cost reduction when using Schindlers’ legal services. As opposed to having to pay for several days of work, they will now only have to pay for several hours of legal work.

The services is designed mainly for use by attorneys, advocates and legal advisors.

Expanded Q&A:

Delving Deeper into Sarah and Schindlers’ AI Legal Services

Sarah and the other AI platforms used by Schindlers augment the firm’s legal services by offering rapid, precise, and data-driven support. This enables the legal team to access extensive legal information and have documents drafted swiftly, thereby enhancing efficiency and decision-making. At Schindlers, drafting documents that would take days at other firms only takes minutes.

No, Sarah is designed to complement the human legal team, handling routine tasks and data analysis to allow lawyers to focus on more nuanced legal work, ultimately benefiting clients with a blend of human expertise and AI efficiency.

Sarah is built with state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure all client data remains confidential and secure, adhering to the highest standards of data protection in the legal industry.

Yes, the public can directly engage with Sarah for certain services, benefiting from her user-friendly interface for immediate legal assistance, while more complex issues are handled in conjunction with human lawyers and more powerful AI platforms.

Schindlers is dedicated to continually advancing Sarah’s capabilities, integrating more advanced AI features, expanding her knowledge base, and enhancing user interaction to provide more comprehensive legal assistance.

Sarah’s free service is a significant public initiative by Schindlers, aimed at broadening access to legal assistance, ensuring everyone, irrespective of their financial situation, has access to quality legal guidance.

Sarah offers instant legal assistance, eliminating waiting times and geographical barriers, providing a level of immediacy and accessibility that traditional legal aid services cannot match.

Individuals can access Sarah’s services via Schindlers’ website, where she is available around the clock to address legal queries, provide guidance, and assist with legal information.

Sarah is regularly updated by legal and tech experts at Schindlers, ensuring her knowledge and advice remains current with the latest legal developments and precedents.

Sarah, is powered by a sophisticated blend of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. She is trained on a vast array of legal datasets, including case law, statutes, and legal commentary, ensuring her legal advice is comprehensive and up-to-date.

The training of Sarah involves a meticulous process where legal experts and data scientists collaborate closely. They feed the AI a diverse array of legal documents and information, enabling it to learn patterns, legal reasoning, and the nuances of legal language. This process is iterative, allowing Sarah to continuously learn and evolve, enhancing her legal understanding and advice-giving capabilities.

Unlike traditional systems that might store or replicate data, large language models like Sarah analyse and learn from data without copying it. They generate responses based on patterns and knowledge they’ve acquired during training, not by retrieving or duplicating specific text segments from their training datasets. Additionally, Sarah’s architecture includes advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive client information, ensuring confidentiality and trust.

Clients and colleagues can access this cutting-edge service by contacting Schindlers directly, which offers an efficient process for obtaining customised legal documents quickly and cost-effectively.

While Sarah, represents a significant advancement in legal technology, offering insightful and comprehensive advice based on a vast array of legal data, it’s crucial to remember that she is a tool to assist and not a substitute for professional legal counsel. The advice provided by Sarah should be seen as preliminary guidance and not as a definitive legal solution. It’s imperative for users to treat any information or advice received from Sarah with due diligence and consider it as one of many resources in their decision-making process. Ultimately, before making any legal decisions or taking actions based on Sarah’s advice, it is essential to consult with an attorney at Schindlers. This step ensures that the advice is validated and tailored to the specific context and jurisdiction, providing a safeguard against the inherent limitations of even the most advanced AI technologies in understanding the full nuances of legal matters.



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