BACKGROUND The Plaintiff, Elizabeth Maria Basson, was the beneficiary under a life insurance policy taken out by her late husband prior to his death (the “Deceased”). The Plaintiff instituted action against the Defendant, Hollard Life Assurance Company, for the payment of the proceeds of the policy after the Defendant rejected the claim on the grounds
BACKGROUND Rand Mutual Assurance Co Ltd v Road Accident Fund, a Supreme Court of Appeal judgment delivered on 25 September 2008 considers the rights of insurance companies to sue third-party wrongdoers in their own names. The judgement has set precedent for the legal scope of the doctrine of subrogation. In this matter an employee of
SUMMARY This is an appeal by Centriq Insurance (Centriq) against a ruling holding it liable to its insured member, a financial advisor (Mr Castro), under a professional indemnity policy.   Mr Castro advised Mrs Marisa Vogel Oosthuizen (the Respondent), who is a widow, to invest the proceeds of her deceased husband’s policy in an amount